Scimitar C4i



See where personnel are, together with data from sensors and live video, from a network of body-worn radios and a central control point. Monitor the safety of personnel and make informed tactical decisions with real-time information, then review everything later on a timeline for post-incident analysis.



  • A complete picture of where team members are and what they’re seeing
  • Make informed decisions with a full understanding of what’s happening
  • Post-incident analysis with timelines and fused data
  • Portable kit contains body-worn radios, base radio and sensors
  • Rapidly deployable in less than 10 minutes


  • Military operations
  • Training
  • Post-incident analysis and mission synopses


The tactical kit fits into a portable carry-case, containing all the sensors and radio communication equipment you need to live-stream, view and record:

  • Video (inbuilt latency of < 1 second)
  • Biometrics
  • GPS location
  • Still photographs
  • Audio
  • Radio telemetry
  • Spherical 360° photography (optional)
  • Almost any type of sensor can be incorporated eg CBRN, oxygen sensors


Flexible and Scalable

With the base-level kit, up to four operators can work together, sharing data with a central collection or control point. This is scalable to collect data from just one individual up to a team of hundreds. The system is completely flexible, so you can add components as you need to, and it’s compatible with virtually any other sensors that need to be integrated.

Body Worn Radios

Compact, wearable radios relay information from the sensors to the base radio at the control point. Each radio connects directly or via a dynamically generated mesh of other operators. They’re designed to work with minimum user input and are configured using the tablet or a PC on the network. Designed to be wearable and unobtrusive, the radios are compact (92mm x 78mm x 26mm) and weigh only 200g.  They’re weatherproof and rechargeable, with a battery life of over 6 hours under continuous operation.

Monitor Physiological Status

Ensure personnel are working at safe physical levels with physiological data including:

  • Heart rate (BPM and ECG)
  • Respiration amplitude
  • Heat stress risk
  • Physiological strain index

An on-screen display shows you key physiological metrics at a glance, with traffic light colour-coding to indicate personnel safety. Alarms sound if someone is extremely physically stressed or at risk of injury. Detailed information can also be monitored by medical personnel via remote link.

Contains Everything You Need

The kit incorporates COTS (Commercial-Off-The-Shelf) sensors and hardware for value and reliability, including durable Mohoc tactical cameras, Zephyr BioHarness sensor belts and a Microsoft Surface Pro with rugged protective case. In addition to the purpose-built radios supplied, the system’s also compatible with Trellisware and Persistent Systems (MPU4 and MPU5) and other similar IP-based radio systems. Everything is ready-to-use and fully operational in less than 10 minutes.

Automatic Data Integration

Live video and sensor data are fused to give a complete overview of the situation and awareness of what’s happening at the location of each operator, to help you make informed decisions. Everything is recorded and available for post-incident analysis.

Data is added to a visual timeline automatically, for a clear picture of how events progressed in post-incident analysis. A map shows the location of operators and other assets, so you can clearly see who is where, when and what’s going on. Additional sensor data can also be imported and added to the timeline at a later date, to build a complete picture of what happened.

Share Information Remotely

The software has a low system footprint, so it can run on a tablet or laptop. It can share selected information with remote systems via satellite or a similar link. Effectively it’s like a server, so users can securely remote in via a browser to see the screen from anywhere in the world.

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