Light Decon Trailer



Decontaminate vehicles, equipment, electronics and personnel with a lightweight, compact trailer equipped with a range of convenient, easy to use systems and a shower tent.


  • Compact, lightweight trailer
  • Full CBRN decontamination/detoxification
  • Fast deployment and easy manoeuvring
  • Portable by air


  • Decontaminating vehicles and personnel, including a built-in shower
  • Optional extras for equipment and sensitive electronics
  • Degassing tanks of hazardous materials
  • Sterilising cisterns and tanks
  • Fire-fighting

Rapid Deployment Unit

The Cristanini Light Decon Trailer is a rapid deployment unit for decontamination and detoxification, for use by CBRN light role teams and special forces. The systems on board are rapidly deployable and easy to use and maintain. They use Cristanini’s proven powders, liquids and aerosols for safe and efficient chemical, biological and radiological decontamination.

Standard Configuration 

The standard configuration comes with equipment on board for decontaminating personnel and vehicles. It’s equipped a hot water shower (32-34°C) with fold-out tent and suction system. For vehicles there’s a SANIJET with lance and accessories, and a PSDS 10MIL manual system, which is also suitable for equipment and people. The BX 24 liquid comes ready to use, so no time’s wasted mixing in the field.

Optional Extras and Customisation

The Light Decon Trailer is flexible and can be tailored to your needs. A steam module can be included as an optional extra for decontaminating masks, weapons, webbing and combat equipment, using the camp shower which converts into a steam tent. You can also add a Cristanini SX34 for sensitive and electronic equipment (eg detection instruments and vehicle interiors), which uses a dry spray and vacuum cleaner. For further customisation, please get in touch with your requirements.

Efficient, Lightweight Trailer

While compact, the trailer has capacity to decontaminate 25-30 people per hour or 8-12 vehicles per hour. As a lightweight unit, it can also be transported by air. The complete trailer plus equipment weighs 1650kg when ready to operate, including the load and 250 litre water tank.



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