The ECOTEST SPECTRA is a compact detector for radioactive and nuclear materials. Worn on the body, it detects illicit materials and monitors radiation levels for safety. It can also measure amplitude gamma spectra and identify radionuclides by their amplitude gamma spectrum.


  • Detect, locate and identify radioactive and nuclear materials
  • Identify radionuclide categories
  • Store gamma spectra and data
  • Compact device – can be worn on the body
  • Display data on maps and reports


  • Customs and border control
  • Emergency services and civil defence
  • Law enforcement
  • Sanitary dosimetry and ecology
  • Industrial
  • Radioactive waste management

Detect Radioactive and Nuclear Materials

SPECTRA is a highly sensitive, compact device for detecting and localising radioactive and nuclear materials via gamma and neutron radiation, as well as radionuclides by an amplitude gamma spectrum. It uses a silicon solid state photomultiplier, with sensitive CsI scintillation detectors for gamma and LiI for neutron radiation.

  • Measure dose rate H*(10) of gamma, X-ray and neutron radiation
  • Measure dose H*(10) of gamma and X-ray radiation
  • Determine gamma and neutron radiation intensity
  • Identify radionuclides by their amplitude gamma spectra (2048 channels)

Instant Alerts

Identification is performed instantly at the slightest change of gamma or neutron level, using a powerful new search algorithm and a fast CPU for processing spectra. Data is displayed for you straight away in real time.

There are four independent threshold levels:

  • Search threshold level: Photon and neutron ionising radiation count rate from the detector
  • Safety threshold level: Photon and neutron ionising radiation DER

When these levels are exceeded, you’re notified immediately by audio alarms and vibration. A colour-coded light gives you instant indication of the type of radiation detected: red for gamma and blue for neutron.

Analyse Data on a PC

SPECTRA can be connected to a PC via USB for transferring data. Up to 250 complete gamma radiation spectra can be stored.

You can view measurement results and critical events, and compile reports of dosimetric information. Radiation monitoring information can also be displayed on a map, to give you a clear picture of the area, using data from the integrated GPS/GLONASS receiver.

Radionuclide Categories

Materials are identified in real time. The category of radionuclides is displayed (in compliance with IAEA requirements):

  • Medical radionuclides: 18F, 67Ga, 51Cr, 75Se, 89Sr, 99Mo, 99mTc, 103Pd, 111In, 123I, 125I, 131I, 153Sm, 201Tl, 133Хе
  • Industrial radionuclides: 57Co, 60Co, 133Ba, 137Cs, 192Ir, 152Eu, 22Na, 241Am, 226Ra, 75Se
  • Special nuclear materials: 233U, 235U, 237Np, Pu (Reactor grade plutonium – more than 6% 240Pu)
  • Naturally occurring radioactive materials: 40K, 138La, 226Ra, 232Th-decay series and 238U-decay series.

This list can be expanded if necessary.

Reliable Detection

  • High thermal stability
  • No “microphone effect”
  • Operates continuously for more than 200 hours
  • Rechargeable via USB (lithium polymer battery)
  • IP67 ingress protection rating
  • Compliant with international ANSI 42.48 standard

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