SX 34

CBRN Decontamination Kit



Decontaminate electronic devices and sensitive surfaces with an easy-to-use spray and vacuum. The case contains everything you need to clean equipment safely and get back in action.


  • CBRN decontamination of sensitive equipment
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Dry solution, safe for use on electronic devices
  • Lightweight, carry-on case
  • 10 year shelf life


  • CBRN decontamination of sensitive equipment
  • Electronics eg optical devices, radios, control panels, detectors
  • Interiors of vehicles, boats and aircraft

Decontaminate Sensitive Materials

The Cristanini SX 34 is a CBRN decontamination kit for electronics and sensitive equipment/surfaces. It uses a dry spray and vacuum cleaner to remove CBRN warfare agents without liquids or damaging chemical reactions.


Portable Case

The kit is packed in a robust, shock-proof case that contains everything you need for a rapid response, to minimise equipment downtime and keep personnel safe. It’s portable, lightweight and the kit requires only one operator.

Remove Hazardous Agents

 The solution safely removes:

  • Chemical warfare agents
  • Biological warfare agents
  • Radiological particulates
  • Chemical toxic industrial substances
  • Nuclear contamination

Liquid-Free Solution

The SX 34 solution is supplied in a ready-to-use, pressurised aerosol. It’s non-corrosive and designed for sensitive surfaces. It can be stockpiled with a shelf life of 10 years (stored at a temperature of -20°C (-4°F) to 55°C (131 °F). The solution turns into a white powder that can be removed easily by vacuuming. Brushes and nozzles are supplied for vacuuming hard-to-reach places. If the surface is decontaminated it appears perfectly clean. If there’s a white residue, it can be retreated for complete removal – so there’s no doubt about whether the equipment is safe to use. All accessories can be decontaminated after use, using the BX 24 included in the case.


The SX 34 kit includes 10 canisters of solution together with all the accessories you need. Each canister can decontaminate a surface of 10 sq m, so one kit can cover a total surface area of 100 sq m.


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